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nine miners killed in west virginia were recovered. all 29 men have now been removed. 13 were removed saturday. the bodies will be sent to the west virginia medical examiner. virginia governor bob macdonald has restored funding for mine safety inspections. it is believed -- it is de two of the nuclear summit in washington. already, some developments, have the president of china saying he will join against -- sanctions against iran. the country had been reluctant. also, the ukraine has agreed to give up all of its highly enriched uranium used as nuclear fuel. meanwhile, iran has announced its own nuclear summit promoting its right. still to come, how young is too young when it comes to both talks? more women are trying it these days. the increase in 20-some things that are interested in the procedure. >> it is much cooler out there. details on when the chili snap will break. 51 at both harvard and the - are you chronically ill and can't work? are you mentally ill and can't work? are you physically disabled and can't work? then the law firm of disability associates should be working for
to the west of us in parts of pennsylvania and west virginia but nothing of much consequence if you widen the view, you see a cold front associated with thunderstorm activity up near the great lakes. that is on its way later today. we will detail how that affects the end of your day today and what happens once it passes through and how it affects her weekend weather. 18th wasn't quite the birthday that devon did this expected to get. he was found guilty of "tens of attempted murder for the shooting that wounded two children the case presented them with more than their share of hurdles. >> witnesses were going underground, we had witnesses who could not be located, we had witnesses who recanted their statements. we had witnesses who want to take their fifth amendment privilege. we had witnesses that could not be relocated after they recanted her there were so many issues than he could be sentenced to life imprisonment. his attorney is already filing an appeal. a former teacher's assistant and howard county school system is accused of sexually abusing some of his students. the 38-year-old i
, and it is now positioned over virginia. that is going to be the impetus for low pressure to develop tomorrow, and as a result, we are going to see a much different weather pattern. in the meantime, plenty of sunshine, 66 to 71 degrees. the only other thing we are dealing with today is pollen. extremely high today in the trees. that is what is causing you to sneeze and have those watery comic itchy eyes and sinus problems. more on the seven-day coming up. >> people round the world -- actually, we are moving onto a different story. a man is dead this afternoon after a reported armed robbery in east baltimore. shots were fired around 10:40 last night along the 1100 block of north avenue. the victim was shot multiple times. he later died at the hospital. right now no word on a motive for possible suspect. in northwest baltimore, city police have a new homicide case on their hands. the victim was shot to death just before 9:00 sunday morning alongside an alley in the 5500 block of denmark avenue. enmore -- of dan avenue. this man was arrested after stabbing and 18-year-old man multiple times satu
, the effort to find missing miners in west virginia. plus, a little boy >> the search for the four miners in west virginia has stalled again, this time over a fear of fire and explosion. it is another setback in the miners saying since monday. before being sent back this final time, crews did find one at refuge chamber, but it was empty. they are using cameras to inspect another one. a 7-year-old boy was abandoned by his mother and sent on a flight to moscow. he had an english note attached to him. the mother said that she could not handle the boy and had to send him back. according to his adoptive grandfather, he was violent. -- adopt a grandmother, he was violent. the incident has prompted local authorities to ask how the 7- year-old was able to get on a plane by himself. still to come, we will tell you how life is being made easier for those w >> toyota executives thinking of local dealers for helping them rebound from millions of recalls. toyota executives withheld information about accelerator problems. the company faces a $16 million fine for the cover-up. despite the bad news, toky
resume earlier today in west virginia to find four miners believed to be under the rubble after monday's explosion. officials now say the -- they had suffered a setback because of dangerous levels of gas underground. >> it has been in another setback for rescue teams in the mounds of west virginia. >> as they are traveling into the mind this morning, we had some consecutive samples that indicated an explosive mixture. >> a mixture of methane gas and carbon dioxide and hydrogen, to explosive for rescue teams to continue their work. drilling on a second ventilation shaft should be finished soon, which will double the efforts to make the mind safe. that will still take time, extending the agony for family members who have been waiting three days for any word about their loved ones in the mine. >> the bigger, the better. >> tommy davis lost three family members in the blast, including his son. it always talked at shift change, but he had no idea that monday's conversation would be their last. >> i turned around and walked away from him. i walked down and said levy, buddy. -- love you, budd
that commitment. environmentalists say the waters of the virginia side feed into maryland's ecosystem. >> all of the blue crabs born in the year, 90 percent of them could be affected by a bad spill, and that could affect the watermen, crab lovers, and the whole bay for a decade to come. >> some share similar concerns, but most republicans say the decision to expand offshore drilling is a godsend. the obama administration finalizes the new rules requiring car makers to build more fuel-efficient vehicles, which would mean changes to the road, the air, and your wallet. the rules would require cars and trucks on america's roads to get 35.5 miles to the gallon, almost 80% more than they get now. some environmentalists believe we will see 20% less greenhouse gas emissions when it is all said and done. as for savings, the prediction is drivers will save $3,000 in gas over the life of the card. -- car. the baltimore city council president is answering questions raised by the lebanese team regarding his residency in baltimore city after an investigation of the water bills of his madison street home su
. a team -- a team remains in a coma after she is atter >> families in west virginia m. wait for the fate of four missing coal miners thought to be trapped after monday's explosion. crews worked to drill ventilation shafts. the blast killed at least 25 miners. even before the deadly blast, the mine had been cited for more than 100 safety violations this year alone, including ventilation, dust, and methane gas problems. a teenage girl remains in a chrome --, three weeks after she was attacked in florida. she was punched and kicked by a suspect wearing steel toed boots at her middle school last month. yesterday, a judge lifted a gag order on the case. today, on the td -- today show, the mother of the victim said she has not apologized to. the teen's lawyer has said his client is remorseful. still to come, gas prices are the highest they have been in a month. what we should expect in the coming months at the pump. coming months at the pump. >> gas prices are creeping up once again. this week, they will are the highest they have been in 18 months. some say this is a sign of economic recovery.
an extra day. this is mission control step of signing a virginia beach this morning. the next attempt will be shortly after sunrise tomorrow morning. if this will make it the astronauts seventh day in space. better weather is expected for tomorrow, but of clouds langer, nasa will drive for the backup landing site in california. still ahead, a day care centers are being more cautious these days. we will tell you what they're doing differently compared to grade schools. >> and the sun is shining brightly. high pressure is in control today. later this week, there will be a change. i will break it down for you. right now, low 60s already. if the winds coming from the if the winds coming from the northwest ♪ >> in consumer alert, toyota agrees to pay a fine of more than $16 million, stemming from the defect in its vehicles. it was pleased because the government says toyota delayed on telling them about sticking gas pedals. the a maker agreed to pay a but denies the allegation that it violated the law. a transportation official says toyota wanted to avoid contesting it in court. the gover
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8